we’ve been quiet…..in a very loud world

but we haven’t stopped doing what we do. studio sessions. open rehearsals….as rehearsals. as therapy. as performance. as being present. as gatherings. as over-ambitious plannings. as everything and nothing but intuitive knowing that we have to keep moving. keep meeting. keep showing up. keep keeping the flow flowing. there is very little space, time, energy, […]

this enough thing…..show #1

We are already deep into making show 2. I have no words for this process yet. So I’ll leave a little excerpt compilation here. It really does nothing to explain what this thing is. Every moment is delicious. The process. The practice. The constant confrontation of this thing. Enough isn’t even the beginning or the end […]

What is CKA? Why “currently known as”? WTF is going on here?

CKA: currently known as a group of process-oriented dance artists based in Baton Rouge Why CKA? CKA: currently known as (the currently known as portion gets replaced with whatever language best describes our current artworld making) allows renaming, re-identifying, undoing, redoing, examining the here and now of what we’re doing and naming/labeling/identifying THAT thing as […]