moving ….. keep moving…..the body is the mind is the body is the mind is the movement.

i continue to make art. to move. to be in my body and to celebrate those who are in their bodies around me and those who have lost their ability to be in their bodies and those who don’t know they’re in their bodies and those who have lost the connection to other bodies and those who long to be in motion, in confluence, in continuity, in compassion with other humans and their bodies….in motion. it’s all i know how to do. it’s all i know for good. for everything. i continue to move. i continue to make worlds come to life where life is possible and bodies and minds and heartbrains are viable. these worlds appear and disappear. i don’t know how to make them last. so i keep making them and in them my hope is aflame. i love my body. i love your body too. i love my spirit. i love your spirit too. let’s keep moving. let’s keep placing our bodies in situations and worlds where love is created and witnessed and practiced.

it will never be enough. but it must be something. it must be everything.


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