something, something… enough

this thing – enough – has no idea what it does to me.
sitting on my brain/soul, it asks for more. but not from everyone.
wading through my body, it cries. sobs, should i be more precise.
peering from inside my chest, it sighs and nods and lets me take in another breath.
i am panicked and relieved by it.
i feel it staring from the corner and i stay for the questions.
i will rage against it… it will roll its eyes.
and though i’m certain that it is kin to my dreams, it refuses to be tied to such nonsense (as if it doesn’t know).
somehow it lives in a place more concrete, yet less.
regardless, it seduces me whenever it floats in the room.
its bawdy wit challenging my boundaries every time. every goddamn time.
its heft is somehow glamorous… i envy.
and though it exhausts me, i play this game because i like the mathematics of it all.
what value must “x” be to make the equation work?

mina + x = enough



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