What is CKA? Why “currently known as”? WTF is going on here?

CKA: currently known as

a group of process-oriented dance artists based in Baton Rouge


Why CKA?
CKA: currently known as (the currently known as portion gets replaced with whatever language best describes our current artworld making) allows renaming, re-identifying, undoing, redoing, examining the here and now of what we’re doing and naming/labeling/identifying THAT thing as us, our process, our interests, obsessions, research agendas, modes of inquiry, discoveries and findings.

Each time we enter into a new process or project, we cloak ourselves and the threads of ideas we are following in those terms. This allows us to move freely between disciplines and gives us the liberty to identify as more than dancers, choreographers, artists….as humans who are asking questions of concepts and delighting in getting our minds blown…..it makes our world malleable and changeable.

Being “currently known as” means we can avoid getting stuck in something that may not describe or reveal what we’re up to at any given time.

So….CKA: currently known as…..tribe: enough: wandering: flesh: rocks: sky: dirt: roots: questions: turf: nothing: everything: names: answers: water: depth: solitude: movement: anything that we want to call the current examination of our movement, art, process, and practice.

  • project by project
  • pick-up dance people
  • multi-form investigators
  • collaboration seekers
  • movement architects
  • what else?
  • why not?
  • what if?

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